ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Germans (Mini-Guides Nr. 18)

ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Germans (Mini-Guides Nr. 18) ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Germans (Mini-Guides Nr. 18)
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In June 1944, the Wehrmacht was declining. Neither the Kriegsmarine, nor the Luftwaffe were able to match the gigantic allied armada which arrived on the coast of Normandy. On the land, a lot of German infantry divisions were composed of second line troops, unprepared to fight, unable to resist, in spite of all the constructions and guns of the "Atlantic Wall".
However the German Army still had a great advantage : the Panzer.
They were at that time the only force able to throw the invading forces back to the sea.
What were the equipments, tanks, assault guns and tank destroyers which the Germans opposed to the Allied Forces in Normandy ? This work presents the most characteristics of these.
Illustrated with a wide selection of wartime photographs, while full colour is brought on every page by maps of the battlefields, pieces of uniforms and insignia, wartime posters and a variety of military historical artefacts.

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