ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The British (Mini-Guides Nr. 19)

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The project of landing in Normandy led the British military planners to re-examine the role of the armoured forces. To secure the beaches, they implemented an elaborated doctrine, based on using a whole series of modified armoured vehicles : amphibian tanks, minesweepers, assault bridges, etc.
Apart from these so-called "Funnies", the British tank force of 1944 comprised a large variety of conventional units and formations (brigades, divisions, corps or army-level units, plus armoured recce regiments) which, during the Normandy campaign, totalized more tanks and AFV's involved than the US forces. Their specific organization and combat doctrine are detailed in the volume, along with the study of each individual type of tank and main AFV.
Illustrated with a wide selection of wartime photographs, while full colour is brought on every page by maps of the battlefields, pieces of uniforms and insignia, wartime posters and a variety of military historical artefacts.

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