ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Americans (Mini-Guides Nr. 20)

ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Americans (Mini-Guides Nr. 20) ARMOR IN NORMANDY - The Americans (Mini-Guides Nr. 20)
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In 1944, two types of Armoured Divisions existed in the US Army : the Heavy ones and the Light ones. Each Division comprised three Combat Commands. The flexible internal organization of a Combat Command ? which grouped proper tank units as well as mechanised infantry, self-propelled artillery and engineers troops ? allowed a wide variety of tactical use, in contrast with the more rigid British armoured doctrine.
In the spirit of the cavalry raids of the past, the US armoured units gave a strong impetus to the whole American forces which landed in Normandy in the spring of 1944, thus playing a major role in the German defeat.
Illustrated with a wide selection of wartime photographs, while full colour is brought on every page by maps of the battlefields, pieces of uniforms and insignia, wartime posters and a variety of military historical artefacts.

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