1814, the campaign for France

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Montmirail, Champaubert, Reims, Laon, Craonne, Montereau, Paris? Each of these names is synonymous of tumultuous victories and heroïc fightings. Each is them is also a sign of the genius of Napoleon as a military leader, and a testimony of the sacrifice accepted by the men which followed him on the battlefields.
In this new book, the Authors survey the whole campaign of France, stating facts and explaining the opponents' views. And, in the now famous third part of the book, they introduce us to the main actors of the drama: marshalls and generals, but also the obscure, ordinary NCOs and privates of Napoleon's army. And, as usual in this series, the intricately detailed colour plates by André Jouineau render the richness and diversity of the uniforms of all armies involved in the Emperor's most dashing campaign.

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