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Greentree, Gebirgsjäger versus Soviet Sailor - Arctic Circle 1942-44 (Combat 30)

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Greentree, Gebirgsjäger versus soviet Sailor - Arctic Circle 1942-44 (Combat 30)

During World War II, Nazi Germany´s Gebirgsjäger - elite mountain troops - clashed repeatedly with land-based units of the Soviet Navy. Formed into naval infantry and naval rifle brigades, some 350,000 of Stalin´s sailors would serve the Soviet Union on land, playing a key role in the defence of Moscow, Leningrad and Sevastopol. The Gebirgsjäger, many among them veterans of victories in Norway and then Crete, would find their specialist skills to be at a premium in the harsh terrain and bitter weather encountered at the northern end of the front line. Operating many hundreds of kilometres north of Moscow, the two sides endured savage conditions as they fought one another inside the Arctic Circle. Featuring archive photographs, specially commissioned artworks and expert analysis, this is the absorbing story of the men who fought and died in the struggle for the Soviet Union´s northern flank in 1942-44.

80 pages, text in english, paperback, many bw- and colored illustrations, many colored maps

Author: David Greentree
Language: English

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