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Welcome at - your publishing, printing and distribution company for aviation history, motor vehicles history, modeling, military history from antiquity to present time, navy, weapons, uniforms, antiques, nautics, phaleristics, hobby & sports. Antiquarian bookstore and book wholesaler for contemporary history, automotive engineering & collector's accessories.  

We offer you an extensive and continually actualised program of books, professional journals, video cassettes and DVD's on historical and military subjects as well as model kits an accessories of all leading manufacturers as well as exotic brands.

39.000 articles in our recent program, 32.000 of which being obtainable at our internet shops!


Publisher since 1981. VDM Verlag Druckerei Medienvertrieb Heinz Nickel has at present 19 permanent employees (plus 5 apprentices) and about 100 freelance authors. Our completely equipped printshop has at present 11 employees. ) Our company archive contains ca. 800.000 images and audio files on international military history from 1800 to the present day. Said archive contains about 32.000 volumes. Furthermore we run a modern antiquarian bookstore with many remainders on subjects such as natural sciences, medical science, local history, ecclesiastic history and modeling. The book and model kit store cover an area of 4.200 qm with constantly up to 600.000 items.

o 1990 we publish the first issue of Internationales Militaria Magazin - the professional journal for orders & awards, militaria and contemporary history with interesting reports for militaria collectors, phalerists and enthusiats of contemporary history.

o Since 1991 we publish the bimensual magazine JET & PROP - Airplanes then and now as originals and as model kits with a focus on aviation history (historical/modern) including corresponding model kits, aviation technology and discussions of aviation literature.

o Since 1993 we publish the series JET & PROP Foto-Archiv with competently commented historical and hitherto unpublished aircraft photos from private collections.

o Since 1994 we publish the bimensual magazine STEELMASTER - tracked and wheeled vehicles then and now as originals and as model kits (with integrated publication "Rad & Kette") on military vehicles and their corresponding model kits, with historical reports and discussions of new model kits.

o Since 1996 we publish the magazine Air-Photo, an illustrated series about modern military aviation.

o Since 1998 we publish the bimensual magazine WINGMASTER - Aviation, History, Modeling  (with integrated series "Aircraft im Detail") with how-to-build-reports on military aircraft kits, last news about modeling, modeling fairs & expositions and aviation and modeling literature.

o 2001 we took over the Olms-Verlag incl. the remainders of the "Olms-Tafeln" (912 articles).

o Since 2002 we publish the series JET & PROP Extra with reports on modern aviation and air shows.

o 2002 we took over the remainders oft Blessa-Goldenstein-Verlag, a former publisher for fictional and lyric literature, non-fiction books and local interest books (604 articles).

o 2003 we took over the Bayerische Militärverlag . Besides that former publishers program wie offer to the collector a wide selection of antiquarian Book, with more than 4.000 book titles, abundant pictorial material, video and audio data carriers as well as many large-size uniform prints in full colour.

o 2004 we took over the Schild-Verlag  (founded 1949) incl. remainders and copyright (341 articles). Is being continued by us under its old label.

o 2006 we took over Frank-Modellbau (, one of the oldest model kit shops in Germany (founded 1967). About 10.000 plastic model kits and related articles such as colours, decals, photoetched parts, specialised literature etc.

o 2012 we included the publications of publisher F-40 Verlag into our sales program (112 articles). The paperbacks deal with the military airplanes of german Bundeswehr and former east german NVA. All still deliverable items exclusively by VDM.

o 2014 we overtook the remainders of Bremer Hauschild-Verlag, formerly one of the leading german publishers on navy and naval history, with literature about navigation, naval technology, shipyards, shipping companies and local history of the Bremen seaport (720 articles).

o 2015 we took over the publisher Biblio-Verlag incl. all remainders. Cooperation and co-productions with said publisher since 1996. (1042 articles including multi-volume works).

o 2016 we took over the publishing program of Schriften der Geschichte Mecklenburgs (SGM) and Atelier für Portrait- und Historienmalerei (APH). Publications on military history of the german region and former state of Mecklenburg (e.g. uniformology, reprints, publications based on archive and museum material) (53 articles).

o Furthermore we do have the series Im Detail on aviation, military aviation, wheeled and tracked military vehicles, with hitherto unpublished historical photos and high-quality colour profiles and line drawings of complete airplanes or vehicles with many separately shown parts in classic modeling scales 1:72 and 1:48.

Last update: Oct. 2016 - own book titles (VDM plus all other aforesaid publishers) 3.742, plus ca. 620.000 more book titles in our sales program. About 25% non-german literature (in english, french, italian, russian, polish etc.)

Our antiquarian bookshop  can offer you tens of thousands of different rare antiquarian books. Please send us your request. Consistantly new offers at very favourable prices!  

DISCLAIMER: The books in our sales program that deal with the era of national socialist rule in Germany are being sold only for purposes of scientific research in the fields of contemporary history, military history, phaleristics and uniformology in accordance with §§ 86 and 86a StGB.

We distance ourselves explicitly and without any reservation from any national socialist, historical-revisionist or otherwise far-right ideology or its proponents and disseminators.

We oppose definitely any kind of glorification of violence, persecution of the different-minded or support of totalitarian political systems.