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ASSAULT - Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare, Vol. 18

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ASSAULT - Journal of Armored and Heliborne Warfare, Vol. 18

1. Cougar Steel - FTX of the 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment Ralph Zwilling was given full access to this U.S. Stryker squadron as it conducted an extensive FTX known as Cougar Steel in Germany. The Stryker is available in many variants, and it is being used to equip the U.S. Army's new Stryker brigades. This article gives tremendous detail about this new vehicle and how it is being deployed in units, taking this cavalry squadron as a case study. Nearly the whole range of Stryker vehicles is included, with a lot of"in-action" shots. Variants such as the ICV, Mortar carrier, FSV, ATGM, and Engineer Squad vehicle are all present. The engineer vehicles are seen fitted with a variety of obstacle blades and mine plows too.

2. Norway's Telemark Battalion Concord's veteran military photojournalist, Yves Debay, examines the Telemark Battalion of Norway in close detail. This battalion was created to serve as Norway's new "high-readiness force". As such it is equipped with some of the best equipment available in the Norwegian Army. Thus, there are photos of Mercedes Wolf vehicles, CV9030 IFVs, Leopard 2A4 tanks, and Bergepanzer recovery vehicles, as well as miscellaneous other vehicles. The battalion is seen during Exercise Iron Sword, a NATO Readiness Force exercise held in the battalion's own backyard in Norway's province of Telemark.

3. Afghanistan's Battleweary T-62 Tanks - 3rd Tank Kandak Afghanistan has been gripped and torn by war for decades. A number of tanks of the new Afghan Army have lived through most of this conflict! This article takes a look at these combat veterans of the 3rd Tank Kandak. These are mostly T-62s supplied many years ago by the Soviet Union.

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