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ASSAULT - Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare, Vol. 15

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ASSAULT - Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare, Vol. 15

1. German Recon Vehicle Fennek This article covers the Bundeswehr's brand new Fennek reconnaissance vehicle. The vehicle will completely replace the 8x8 Luchs. This comprehensive article informs the reader of everything there is to know about the four-wheeled Fennek, including its development, features, and its deployment. The article boasts a series of photos of the vehicle in a variety of settings, and there are ample interior and detail shots to illustrate interesting aspects of the Fennek.

2. Battle Griffin in Norway This major joint exercise (LIVEX) took place in Norway in the winter of 2005. It featured naval, air and ground forces from around fifteen mostly NATO nations. Various scenarios and phases of the exercise were conducted, and it is the excellent photography that best illustrates Battle Griffin 2005, and there is an abundance of interesting shots of vehicles, naval vessels and combat personnel in action. A whole range of armored and support vehicles has been caught by the camera in this useful overview of Battle Griffin 2005. This article provides a great opportunity of observing modern armed forces in action in the snow!

3. Flugabwehrbrigade 100 A"Flugabwehrbrigade" translates as an air-defense brigade, and this article traces one such unit of the Bundeswehr. This unit possesses three principal weapon systems - the Gepard, Roland and Ozelot. Naturally, all three vehicle types are well covered in the article, plus numerous other shots that show support vehicles and personnel in action. The photos are backed up by text that gives the background of the unit, its organization, and data tables about the chief anti-aircraft weapon systems. Overall, it provides a fascinating insight into modern German air-defense capabilities.

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